How to put MIDI file on Youtube

Convert MIDI(.MID) file to quality MP3 file

Play the MIDI file on your computer and record it using Audacity. In order to record the what playing on the speaker, in Windows, set the Windows recording device to ‘Stereo Mix’ and set the playback device to your speakers.
Once you record the song in Cakewalk, edit out dead air and increase the volume ‘Effect’ > ‘Amplify’.
Now export the file as media (mp3).

Create video version of the song

1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
2.  Create Sequence at 24 frames per second.
3. Create the video then Export Media (Ctrl -m) with settings Target Bitrate 5 and Maximum Bitrate 5. Set Format to H.264. Also set the ‘Output Name to the right directory.

Upload the MP3 file to Youtube.


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