How to turn website into PDF

Turning a website into a PDF can be useful, for example searching for text throughout a website. Acrobat Pro DC makes it easy to search for all instances of a text throughout a PDF document.

Convert your website into a PDF:

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
2. Click the ‘Create PDF’ icon.
3. Click ‘Web Page’.
4. Enter the URL of the website you want to convert into the field.
5. Click ‘Capture Multiple Levels’.
6. Click ‘Get entire site’.
7. Click the ‘Create’ button. Now you just have to wait for Acrobat Pro DC to scan the entire site, which could take a while.
8. When the site PDD is done being processed, save it to a directory.

Note: If you’re going to search through the text of a PDF, I highly recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader DC over Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. For example, ‘Pro’ won’t find the ‘@’ if it’s sitting next to other letters, but ‘Reader’ will.


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